GDPR  - General Data Protection Regulation - is EU legislation that has overhauled how businesses process and handle your personal data. It's a great thing. Previously, unless you ticked some heavily disguised box, a company offering to send you cute pics of puppies if you subscribed, could (subject to their terms and conditions - which no one reads) then sell your information on to some 3rd party telemarketer who would hound you until judgement day. This was not fun - we know, we experienced it. So the EU decided to change all this to 'explicit consent' - you need to know who holds your data, why they want it and what they'll do with it.

It's a great step forwards, shame we might soon be opting out of opting in! But that's why Remainer Now is here! And here's the amazing Wired to explain all the technical stuff brilliantly. You can read the full article here -