i news - I’ve changed my mind after voting Leave. We need a People’s Vote to sort out this mess no one wanted

'The country is already poorer, we're stockpiling medicine and we clearly can't get what was promised — so we should vote again'

Will Dry from Our Future Our Choice explains why he's changed his mind since 2016.

Put aside whether you think Brexit is a good or bad thing, and ask yourself if young people deserve better than this.

It doesn’t matter whether you think the European Union is a relentlessly expansionist anti-democratic model of international cooperation or the greatest peace project of modern times. For either extreme, it’s obvious that Brexit has not left our country in a good situation.

How? Our Government has become the largest purchaser of fridges in the world. It is talking about turning the garden of England, Kent, into a lorry park, and is seriously debating whether to proceed with a deal that all sides, Leave or Remain, recognise leaves us poorer and with less control, not more. I voted Leave, and I’ve changed my mind.

False choices

Make no mistake, the 2016 referendum was an important event in the history of our country’s democracy.  The turnout was the highest since the 1992 general election – some people went to the ballot box for the first time, and others for the first time in years. However, it is possible to regard that vote with the respect it deserves, while acknowledging that the situation we are in is literally incredible.

The meaningful vote was pulled last week, with the Prime Minister having sent government ministers out to bat across the nation’s media with guarantees that it would take place. Her government is the first to have been held in contempt of Parliament. Her deal looks set to fail no matter when she does bring it to the commons.

As a Leave voter who believed the promises made in 2016 by all sides; we are unquestionably in a crisis. I see it as nonsensical that we constrain our options according to a set of promises that it has become clear were always undeliverable. It is time to examine the art of the possible – to break out of the false choice of deal or No Deal.

Leave voters aren’t thick, unpatriotic or racist – and it’s a complete myth that those arguing for a People’s Vote consider them so. I don’t feel duped or lied to. I feel that I had to make a decision with imperfect information – not least the feasibility of what could be achieved in an exit negotiation – and ended up making the wrong call.

Stuck in a jam

We are in a hole. No option available to us is attractive. The Prime Minister’s deal makes us poorer and leaves us with less sovereignty. A Canada-style Brexit rips apart the United Kingdom. A No Deal, “managed” or not, would inflict a catastrophic economic hit to the most vulnerable in the UK. A 16 per cent hit to the economy of the North East is fundamentally unacceptable. A Norway type deal makes Brexit largely pointless – why bother if control is given away, rather than taken back?

Credit: i news website