James O'Brien Show on LBC - Leave Voter Admits He's "Bamboozled"

A Leave voter admitted to being “bamboozled” after James O’Brien repeatedly asked him which laws he wanted to be in control of after Brexit.

Glenn told James he voted to leave the EU in the 2016 referendum on the "basis of being in control of our laws".

But, he admitted if he was now made to choose between Theresa May’s deal and staying in the bloc, he’d pick Remain.

Speaking about why he voted to Leave, James asked Glenn: "What did you think was going to happen?"

The caller replied: "That we would go on to World Trade Organization rules".

"You never thought that," James responded. "Come off it Glenn".

After being repeatedly pressed, Glenn clarified: "I voted on the basis of being in control of our laws, being in control of everything we do," before eventually conceding: "I’m bamboozled by the whole situation".

"Bless you mate," James said. "The effort they’ve put in to bamboozling you is immense, it’s criminal, it’s costly.

"Next time, just trust me."


Credit: LBC