Plymouth Live - "Brexit has gone on far too long": Plymouth people fed up before the big vote

Shoppers confused and frustrated as Parliament has its say on deal for leaving the EU.

People in Plymouth are fed up and confused with the whole saga of Brexit as the big vote on the deal to leave the EU looms on Tuesday.

Leavers and remainers all agree on one thing two and a half years after the country voted to leave – it has gone on far too long.

Some are confused about what is happening and frustrated that politicians have not spelt out the true impact of leaving the community next March.

Prime Minister Theresa May says she has negotiated the best deal with the other members possible but it is expected to be voted down by Parliament in two days.

Some hold out hope that a better settlement can still be agreed but others want to leave without any deal at all.

It seems the politicians are just as uncertain about what will happen as the people.

The only thing which seems to be clear is that most people in this city – which voted to leave the EU in the June 2016 referendum – just want it to end.

Reporter Stuart Abel spoke to shoppers in New George Street to try and figure out what people think.

Sara Hawkins , aged 44, from Lower Ham, said: “It has gone on for way too long. I think from what I have seen in the news that she (the Prime Minister) is doing her best. People are not going to be happy with the outcome no matter what. I voted to stay but I would like it to be resolved one way or the other as soon as possible.”

Jim Parker , aged 54, of Okehampton, said: “I voted to stay. I think it was the right thing to do. It has gone on far too long. That is the trouble with a new Government. I think ever since Thatcher’s Day, every new Government has tried to undo the mess created by the last one. They spend our money trying to get out of situations where nobody wants to be.”

Sylvia McCrorie , aged 74, of Devonport, said: “I think that, like most people, I would prefer to be out. I don’t think the (Northern Ireland customs) back stop would be a good idea. We would be hostage to everyone else for good. Let’s just get out and take stock. I would rather we just got out now.”

Michelle Holbrook , aged 50, from Gunnislake, said: “It has gone on far too long. Personally, I think that no deal is better than the deal we have on the table at the moment. I voted to leav. I think it is time to take back control of our borders, of our fishing rights and our own laws.”

Angie Buckland , aged 49, of Stoke, said: “I voted to stay. I don’t think we were given enough information before the vote. I didn’t actually know what was going on back in 2016 and it has not really changed. Some people are saying this and some people are saying that and there is a big hoo haa but we don’t know what will happen.”

Trevor Linton , aged 59, from Plymstock, said: “I just wish they would tell us everything rather than what we want to hear. They have given us no clear picture of the European situation. I was a leaver but I don’t know if I would vote the same way again.”


Credit: Plymouth Live website