Sunday Mirror - Danny Dyer 'Why I changed my mind after voting Leave and 'f***ing hate' David Cameron'.

"What have we voted for, we still don’t know. It’s a f****** travesty," the EastEnders star told the Sunday Mirror.

Danny Dyer reckons he has became a poster boy for the Remain campaign saying: “It’s a f****** travesty”.

A clip of the EastEnders actor calling David Cameron, 51, a “t***” on ITV show Good Evening Britain went viral last month.

The former Prime Minister - who wanted to remain in the EU - called a referendum in 2016, but when the result was to leave Europe he then stepped down the next day.

And today Danny sticks by his comments going one step further by saying he “f****** hates” Cameron as well as that “other p**** Nigel Farage”.

He said: “I think I became a poster boy for the Remain campaign because I did vote leave and now I want to remain. That is the truth.

“The reason I want to remain is because Cameron decides to f*** off the next day. We are talking the next day after the vote didn’t go his way.

“I find it fascinating that we can allow that. He only called this vote on, whatever it was meant to be, because he had a spat with the other p**** Farage.

“He has a spat with Farage and for his own ego he goes ‘I’ll tell you what, I’ll get the public, they’ll show ya, I’ll get them to vote, they are on my side.’

“I f****** hate Cameron and I always have and that’s probably why I voted leave as well.

“Because I thought I’m not going to give you the vote, I hate Farage as well.

“£250million for the NHS, yeah I’ll have some of that, absolutely, we’ll get a bit of control back for our own country, it’s not been the case has it.

“I don’t know what we do. Still until this day, what have we voted for, we still don’t know. It’s a f****** travesty.”

Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn, 69, also appeared on the ITV show and told Danny he was a fan.

Danny added: “I talked to him after, we had a little chat after and he really rates me as an actor apparently.”


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