The Shields Gazette - 'We need to bring it back to the people': How Gazette readers feel about Labour and a second Brexit referendum

Almost 1,400 Gazette readers have voted in an online poll about whether or not they back Labour's call for a further referendum on leaving the EU.

And 86% of those who took part said they were pleased with Jeremy Corbyn's support for a second referendum. The party leader revealed this week that Labour would put forward or support an amendment in favour of a public vote, if his party's Brexit demands were not met. When tabled on Wednesday in Commons, they were rejected.

Prime Minister Theresa May also said this week that MPs would be allowed to vote on blocking a no-deal Brexit and extending Article 50 if her Withdrawal Agreement loses at a "meaningful" vote on March 12. More than 1,190 supported Labour's call for a second vote in our online poll. Despite the result, some on social media hailed a second referendum as the "end to democracy" and a "stab in the back" by Labour.

Some Remain voters on our social media pages also said they respected the result of the original referendum vote, despite not feeling the same way. Others called for the issue to go "back to the people".

Here is what you had to say about our poll on the Shields Gazette Facebook page:


Jean Dickinson: "No never, it would mean the end to democracy."

Sylvia Baker: "I will still vote out."

Graham Jennings: "Absolutely back a second vote, although preferably just cancel Brexit now, and save us the trouble."

Stanley Stoker: "Traitors to the democratic vote. Once-in-a lifetime vote, stood on a platform to honour the referendum. The money wins, only one thing should be on any referendum is deal or no deal Brexit."

Artie Carhart: "Democracy!"

Ian Gray: "Stabbed in the back by Labour, South Tyneside voted Leave."

Brian Foster: "What happens if there is a second ref and the choice is stay? Best of three, then best of five etc etc. Rock, paper, scissors!"

John Lodge: "I voted to leave on the the facts we were given however now I know more about it I would change my vote to Remain, this was all down to the lies that [were] put out about how much we would gain."

Carol Henton: "I voted to stay, however as we live in a democratic society, I accepted that we would be leaving the EU."

Phil Bryden: "Any politician calling for a second referendum should resign."

Chris Marshall: "Not all of South Tyneside voted to leave. Just putting that out there."

Viv Harding: "A lot of people voted leave based on the lies of the politicians - I know people I've spoken to who have said that. We need to bring it back to the people."

Andrew McIntosh: "I voted Remain and would only support a second referendum if it was to leave with No Deal or delay UNTIL a suitable package is agreed by the majority of the HOC (with a set timescale to achieve that agreement)."

Ian Coult: "Did we not already follow the democratic process? What next? Not happy with the general election result, let's do it again. First one to blink loses."

Jane Mary Robertson: "We have a general election every five years because people are allowed to change their minds. That's democracy.

Credit: The Shields Gazette