We won’t be fooled again. My Bregretter letter....

Julie, a long-time Remainer Now, shares some of her heart-felt thoughts about the country, politics and why she changed her mind post 2016 EU referendum.

I’m in between parties at present. Wouldn’t know who to vote for right now because none fill me with confidence.  I don’t know who to believe and if a snap GE was called I’d be stuck because I wouldn’t know who will be willing to listen. Genuinely listen to the growing number of people who want a second EU referendum.  Growing because of the likes of me have been spurred us into saying we got it wrong; who feel mounting alarm at where we are right now. That’s not easy to admit to oneself never mind publicly for fear of getting shot down for it. But the feeling that we’re going to hell in a hand cart is the reason why we are holding up hands and putting our heads above the parapet to desperately try to get the case for another vote.  I can only speak for myself.  But since I made my feelings known on Twitter the response – huge, amazingly supportive far exceeding my expectation it is clear we are many.. and soon I think there will be others who will take a deep breath and be brave enough to step forward.

Why did I change my mind then?  Simply this – it must be simple from me. I’m not the most eloquent person, nor am I intellectual. You won’t find technical terms or figures and percentages here. Certainly not facts because I don’t know any, because I felt the leave campaign was built on deception and plain lies.  The remain campaign in hindsight was mismanaged, almost arrogant, it seemed to expect the UK would never actually vote leave… Surely only a minority of torch and pitchfork waving voters would actually do it! the rest will see it as foolish and we don’t need to waste our time going into detail… just a leaflet with some positive sounding words and numbers to every household. Job done. Only no. I can imagine the scene in number 10 when the result came out.  David telling Samantha to call the removal van and start packing; he’d got a letter to write. There could have been much slamming of doors on that day.  I digress.

I voted leave because the fundamental needs of the population and society are struggling as I’ve never known. The falsehoods I fell for gave me confidence that we would be better off sorting out our own problems, simplistic I know but the majority of people simply want a decent life for everyone and that is not happening.  After the vote, the smoke cleared, and mirrors removed, the bus sent for a makeover and with growing alarm I began to see holes in what I’d heard, and a sickening feeling set in, that has grown, gradually at first but steadily and is now running wildly out of control.   So many things have been shown to be wrong in what I fell for.  Things that were not mentioned as far as I know – Ireland! All this with Ireland! never occurred to me because it was either overlooked or deliberately hidden. So naturally I’m looking and thinking what fresh hell will come up next?   The more I look into it and try and figure out what is actually going on and to figure it out I am blinded by science, struggling to pick the bones out of the slurry of dubious information being fed by mainstream media, social media and political parties, all seemingly biased to meet their own agenda not actually representing the UK population. Too many technical terms, refeneces to law and economics that most people will not understand

Brexit is out of control.  It isn’t bearing any resemblance to what we were sold.  If it was a purchase in a shop, there are laws to allow me to get my money back or a replacement.  I was fooled, deceived and what is on its convoluted way to being delivered is not what we were promised.  I don’t like it. It smarts because though I’m no intellectual, I’m reasonably intelligent and I thought I’d got the facts, I thought I’d made an evidence based decision. I feel angry, guilty, humiliated and frustrated. I want to have the chance to vote again based on all the things I didn’t get the first time the first time. Facts. Clear, understandable evidence based facts, truth and honesty. Nothing hidden.  The optimist in me is saying this can happen and is quashing the cynic which is why I am writing this.

Finally, I think I’m not alone in being between parties, I’m sure of it. That’s a frightening thought, because if many don’t know who they would vote for they likely wouldn’t vote at all.  If I was a party leader that would make me very uncomfortable indeed. The lost voters. Who may have an idea what they would do in a General Election but the ghost of the referendum looms over them and they fear making the same mistake again. Please listen to the ever-increasing volume of voices requesting a 2nd referendum… these are the ones whose votes you’ll be fighting for come the next General Election and it will be a desperately hard fight if you are not willing to listen to them now. You don’t have to strain your ears, or look far.  We are here simply wanting a chance for a fair vote this time.  It’s not just us Bregretters. It’s the ones who didn’t vote at all.  I hear there are those who voted Leave and now feel they got it wrong for the exact same reasons as I do.  If our true number was known, it would be shocking and powerful. Please restore the faith of a vast number of disaffected voters.

Reposted with permission from - https://thekaleidoscopicme.wordpress.com/2017/12/19/we-wont-be-fooled-again-my-bregretter-letter/