What we do with your funding

We're an independent campaign who work with all Anti-Brexit and Pro-EU groups to get out the stories of our Remainer Now members.

Our funding currently comes from small voluntary donations direct from supporters. But also a big thank you to our friends at the European Movement for supporting us with website hosting.

Funds raised to date: £642 (via Stripe card payments - 2nd November - Thank you!)

[£145 (via Stripe card payments - 5th September)]

What we use your funds for

October 24th - £186 paid for travel expenses for a group of Remainer Now people to travel from across the U to parliament to meet with MPs and tell their stories about why they voted Leave and what has made them change their mind since 2016.

October 20th - £35.34 paid for supplies to create placards for our group of Remainer Now people attending the People's Vote march in London.

August 10th - Our first £20 donation paid for a promoted poll on twitter.

This was aimed at Mirror readers, and asked what they voted in 2016 and what they'd vote now. We received over 3000 responses - more than most official polls - and of these, a significant chunk, 7% were Leave voters who said they'd now change to voting Remain, given a choice. 4% of Remainers also said they'd changed their minds, but this is still a 3% swing to Remain. Only 28% of our audience for this poll were Leave voters, this is something we hope to improve on.


Monthly Costs:

£9.90 a month goes on paying for our Google Suite services: Cost to date - £36.72 (as of 2nd November)