What we do with your funding

We're an independent campaign who work with all Anti-Brexit and Pro-EU groups to get out the stories of our Remainer Now members.

Our funding currently comes from small voluntary donations direct from supporters. But also a big thank you to our friends at the European Movement for supporting us with website hosting.

Funds raised to date: £2776 (£776 via Stripe card payments and a £2000 direct donation- 23rd January 2019 - Thank you!)

[£642 (via Stripe card payments - 2nd November - Thank you!)]

[£145 (via Stripe card payments - 5th September)]

In February to early April 2019 we ran a crowdfunder with the aim to raise £35k to help us boost our activities and to help us go into key constituencies around the UK and work with local groups to prove they have changed from supporting leaving the EU, to being Remainer Now. We were unable to hit our target, but did raise £11,393 (£9,469.21 after fees) from 465 supporters in 59 days. This influx of funds helped us add one full-time staff member to Remainer Now to act as a Campaign Manager, print placards for the London March, help Remainer Now people travel to the march, create and print our first collateral and merchandise, and have a Remainer Now presence at the Green Party conference in Scarborough. 

We are currently aiming to raise £5k in July to help keep us going and get our campaign and people to the March for Change and the Lib Dem party conference in Bournemouth. If you can help us out, please head here to donate - https://www.remainernow.com/donate

What we use your funds for

January 29th - £34.99 paid for condenser PC mic and stand for the Remainer Now podcast.

January 14th - £198.51 paid for travel expenses for a new group of Remainer Now people to attend another meeting with MPs in Westminster. This was the day before the January 15th vote, and our focus was on talking to new MPs, especially Conservatives.

October 24th - £186 paid for travel expenses for a group of Remainer Now people to travel from across the UK to parliament to meet with MPs and tell their stories about why they voted Leave and what has made them change their mind since 2016.

October 20th - £35.34 paid for supplies to create placards for our group of Remainer Now people attending the People's Vote march in London.

August 10th - Our first £20 donation paid for a promoted poll on twitter.

This was aimed at Mirror readers, and asked what they voted in 2016 and what they'd vote now. We received over 3000 responses - more than most official polls - and of these, a significant chunk, 7% were Leave voters who said they'd now change to voting Remain, given a choice. 4% of Remainers also said they'd changed their minds, but this is still a 3% swing to Remain. Only 28% of our audience for this poll were Leave voters, this is something we hope to improve on.


Monthly Costs:

£12.42 (up from £9.90) a month goes on paying for our Google Suite services:

3rd June 2019 - £12.42

2nd May 2019 - £12.26

2nd April 2019 - £9.90

4th March 2019 - £9.90

4th Feb 2019 - £9.90

3rd Jan 2019 - £9.90

3rd Dec 2018 - £9.90

2nd Nov 2018 - £9.90

2nd Oct 2018 - £9.90

3rd Sep 2018 - £9.90

2nd Aug 2018 - £7.02

Cost to date - £110.90 (as of 1st July 2019)


£8 a month (approx. - $9.99) for an Audiboom podcast plan:

Cost to date - £72 (as of 1st July 2019)